Did The Wal-Mart Cashier Give Me The Stink Eye?

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This will be short and sweet… as this is just me venting.

Listen, I am not going to sit here and bash people for the jobs they hold and how they perform them. I am also not going to sit here and say that all the cashiers at Wal-Mart are super pleasant, either. What I am going to say is this: I know your energy is spent from having to fake smile at all the people that come through your line, cleaning up chicken juice on your conveyor belt for the 24th time today, and being forced to listen to annoying children obnoxiously cry about why they cant have every candy bar available in the checkout lane. It sucks, I get it. However, I am also not the one who told you to get a job as a cashier. So, when it takes me a few extra seconds to dig through my purse, to reach the coupon for those expensive-ass diapers, all while trying to distract my 3-year old from having a catastrophic meltdown because he was denied said candy bars (and because that’s what happens when you enter the checkout lane- they hold all their pent up aggression and ill feelings about you until they get to the checkout lane) please don’t give me the stink eye and let out a frustrated grunt. While I may look like I have my shit together, I can assure you that I don’t (obviously because I am still digging my way through my purse) and I will likely bring upon you a verbal shit-storm that you never thought was possible. It makes for a better time, if you just smile and be patient, or if you offer some words of encouragement or empathy. If you don’t have kids and don’t “get it”, just pretend and keep smiling. If you truly hate your job, or the sight of people and children repulse you, I encourage you to request moving to the lane with the cigarettes and booze… or choose an entirely different career path, preferably one that doesn’t have direct interaction with people and children. Thanks.



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