Why Are Toddlers SO Angry?

IMG_8014Our son still sleeps in our bed. I don’t mind. Generally, he is a good sleeper, except for when he gets sick. Then he is up all night, crying, moving around like a mad man-those are the nights I hate; and it’s not like I can kick him out of our bed when he’s sick, that’s just cruel. Fast forward to a week later and one tired mama. My son was feeling better and didn’t fuss too much the night before, and so I thought I would FINALLY get some sleep. I was having this glorious dream about Liam Hemsworth (rubbing tanning lotion on me and feeding me chocolate chip cookies) when it came to an abrupt halt, due to my lip being busted open by the very cranky and angry toddler whaling and violently thrashing his head around. Okay, there was a big part of me that wanted to body slam him. You know what I mean? Do you have a specific body part that once it gets struck, you just immediately fill with the rage and lose your mind? Yeah, that is what happened to me. Only I have the control to NOT do that; especially when I looked up and saw him studying my face. He proceeded by giving me a kiss. “Why are you so DAMN cute?” I thought to myself. Right as I leaned in to give him a kiss back, he slapped me and stormed out of the bedroom yelling and crying about something. I immediately issued a time-out and firmly explained, ‘We don’t hit people, because it hurts them!” His two minute time-out was up, and I went in his room to get him. I explained why he earned a time out, and asked him if he understood, he did three big nods and then shot me his sweetest smile. That sweet bliss lasted about two minutes before he decided to throw every block he owned out of the living room window. Face palm. Why are these little  people so angry? I mean, I know why, I just think it’s completely unnecessary. Although, when I am in the moment of Mr. Mood Swings and his super power of obliterating crackers into pieces that can only be seen with a microscope, I think about it later and laugh. How can something that small manifest so much anger and crankiness all before 8 a.m.? Who knows?

What are some of your favorite and funny memories of your little ones being cranky and angry?


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